2e Code: Strategies to Unleash Neurodivergent Brilliance🌈🧠

Your child is uniquely encoded for something special...

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Imagine a workshop designed to give your child the keys to understand their unique code and unlock their awesome potential...

Why Join?

Decode the 2e Code:

  • Untangle the intricacies of Twice-Exceptionality and neurodiversity to empower your child and create a more harmonious life.
  • Demystify the 2e journey, creating choices and agency.
  • Help your child understand their unique learning differences and unlock their natural gifts.
  • Learn about asynchronous development and leverage it to your child's advantage.

Clarity and Insights:

  • Learn about key characteristics of Twice-Exceptionality and giftedness and how they manifest in daily life.
  • Discover practical ways to support the unique challenges when giftedness and other exceptionalities meet.

Holistic Empowerment:

  • Identify balanced approaches to nurture your child's superpowers.
  • Foster independence, healthy habits, and strong self-confidence for your child.

Key Skills for Success:

  • Learn about neuroplasticity to help your child build lagging skills.
  • Equip your child with research-backed tools for emotional intelligence, resilience, autonomy, and a fulfilling and joyful life.


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Hosted by

2e Minds

May 29, 2024
11:11pm Eastern Time

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    Meet your Facilitator

    I’m Day, your guide on this journey of decoding Twice Exceptionality.

    As a Twice-Exceptional (2e) school psychologist, Education Specialist, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) facilitator, I bring over a decade of insights supporting neurodivergent, gifted, 2e, and highly sensitive children and adults.

    Join me in this recorded masterclass, where I blend personal experience with research-based expertise to empower you and your child in navigating the complexities of Twice-Exceptionality.

    With the right tools and strategies, mastering Twice-Exceptionality can be a fun and exciting adventure for you and your child!